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20/20 for 50 Cricket Fashion Event 2012

In Commemoration of the 50th Independence celebrations for Trinidad and Tobago, both the government and the private sector embarked on a schedule of activities and events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. On of these events was a “Twenty20 for 50 Cricket festival which was structured as a quadrangular 20-20 tournament whose participants included the Trinidad and Tobago national team and the Jamaican National Team. These regional powerhouse teams was joined by 2 all-star teams comprising past and present international and regional cricket stars and captained by two our our country's most prolific cricketers and Sports Ambassadors, Brian Lara and Daren Ganga.


Dhisha Moorjani a Woman of 2 Cultures.

By Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson Story Created: Sep 14, 2012 at 11:44 PM ECT

It was her school's graduation (St Joseph's Convent, San Fernando). Dhisha Moorjani was 18 years old and she was a stand out amongst her school mates in her beautiful burgundy sari.

No one else was wearing a sari and although Moorjani was different to the rest of the girls she didn't feel like an outcast anymore. She didn't feel like she didn't belong as she did in earlier years while growing up the traditional Indian way in cosmopolitan T&T.