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Geeta's The real flavor of IndiaSpice Mixes

Let Geeta’s Spice Mixes take you on a culinary adventure around India to explore regional Indian cuisine

Kerelan Spice Mix
Kerala is affectionately known as the Land of the Spices, and this mix bursts with all the delicious flavours from South India’s Kerala region.
Rogan Josh
Rogan Josh
A wonderfully aromatic Spice Mix from the North Indian region of Kashmir with a hint of exoticism from Persia that heralds from the time when the Mughals settled in Kashmir.
A beautifully blended spice mix of one of India’s favourite dishes cooked with Lentils. Dhansak subtly combines flavours from Persia and India’s North West region of Gujarat.
Tikka Spice Mix
A delicious blend of spices from the North Indian region of Punjab creates an exquisite marinade for meats and fish.
Tandoori Spice Mix
A hugely popular dish from the North Indian region of Punjab, well known for its tantalising red hue, making it a feast for the eyes as well as for the taste buds!