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Exclusive Invitations Cards

House of Jaipur is proud to introduce our range of exclusive invitations cards made in the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Indian handmade paper has always been very popular for it uniqueness and individuality. It is tree free and 100% recycled and uses no toxic chemicals acids or chlorine in the manufacturing process. During the pulp making process, colors and other waste materials like straw, grass, hemp, silk waste, flower petals are added to lend texture, color and pattern to the handmade paper.

The result is an environmentally friendly exotic texture which can be dyed into thousands of colours and hues to suit any purpose. Invitations are not only available for weddings but also for special dinners or lunches, birthday parties, engagement and anniversary parties and even housewarming parties. We have over 100 samples for you to look at and each design can also be chopped and changed to suit your fancy. Most of our samples have over ten colour combinations available for each design and any colour ink is available for printing.

Once you have chosen a card, choose a font from our selection then we help you with the text and Voila! An invitation your guests will never forget. Below are just a few samples of the type of cards we offer...but to get an idea of the entire range which is offered we suggest you pop in and take a look for yourself at the amazing range of colours and textures.